Asbestos removal - old council building

12th September 2018

Over the next few days you may notice asbestos removal contractors (people in blue overalls) on the roof of the old Fremantle council building in Kings Square.

The licenced contractors will be removing bonded non-friable asbestos roof sheets (ie asbestos in solid form, bonded with other materials and which does not crumble easily).

This removal of rooftop asbestos is one of the final stages of the asbestos removal program at the building, with the main demolition process expected to be completed next month.

The works will be done in full compliance with all relevant acts and codes to ensure public safety. This will include air monitoring carried out by a third party hygienist, HEPA vacuuming and double plastic wrapping of all asbestos containing materials.

Worksafe has been notified of the works.