Sirona Capital

19th November 2018

Please find below press release from Sirona Capital.

Budding eight-year-old artist Elliot Laurent will see his painting The Sunrise used in the branding and marketing of the FOMO redevelopment of the former Myer and Queensgate buildings and carpark in Perth’s Fremantle.

Inspired by an ocean sunrise and his love of imagination, Elliot’s creation was one of five selected from around 500 paintings completed at WA’s largest ever paint-in art event at Fremantle Oval - FOMO FREO Colour.

Elliot’s father Chris Laurent said he brought his family down to the free event after seeing it on Facebook.

“Elliot normally prefers drawing, but he really took to standing on the grass of Freo Oval among all the other easels to paint his picture along with everyone else,” Mr Laurent said.

“We were all absolutely thrilled his painting was chosen. It is a very big deal for him - he already feels more confident mixing colours and has asked for an easel and some paints for Christmas so he can continue painting. He said he would love to spend some of his winnings on art supplies because ‘I want to invest in myself.’”

The driving force behind the unconventional initiative, Sirona Capital Managing Director Matthew McNeilly said the free event was a chance to give back to the community and to give people an opportunity to be a part of the $220 million redevelopment.

“From the outset we knew in marketing the project we didn’t want to impose an external view of Fremantle onto the community – we want FOMO to be taken into people’s hearts and for them to be an integral part of it,” Mr McNeilly said.

“There has never been a community event quite like FOMO FREO Colour, so it was amazing to see how people like Elliot really took the time to think about and paint what Freo means to them. We even had holiday makers and backpackers from as far as Austria and England come along.

“Some people chose to paint landmarks, but what struck me most was many people painted more abstract pieces that were all about capturing the energy and feeling of Freo. There were lots of vibrant colours and elaborate brush strokes that talked more to the feeling of what Freo is all about for them and what is in their heart. And that energy is what FOMO is   all about - people from all walks of life celebrating a fantastic part of the world.”

Megan Patterson from Perth based creative consultancy Zebra Creative said the innovative approach to marketing centred around the brand becoming the vehicle to carry the community’s expression of what Freo means to them.

“The black and white FOMO brand and its elements form the building blocks to showcase these paintings – we wanted a brand built by the community for the community,” Ms Patterson said.

“As a developer, Sirona is implicitly attuned to the view that we have to get it right for the people to whom Fremantle means so much and our approach has only been possible because Sirona is brave enough to embrace the concept.

“When the redevelopment is complete, we hope people feel FOMO is very much a reflection  of the local identity - with all the best parts of Freo, people’s fondest memories and hopes for its future all distilled in one place.”

Held on Sunday, 18 November 2018, more than 800 people attended FOMO FREO Colour featuring 320 places at 160 easels on Fremantle Oval.

Selected by FOMO FREO Colour Ambassadors and local artists Anya Brock and David Spencer, the five winning painters were Elliot Laurent, Chrissie Dee, Kate Hannah, Michelle Wadsworth and Edem Leicester. All five will receive $500 and their artworks will be licensed and digitally captured for use in the branding and marketing of FOMO as the project progresses.

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