Queen Street Closure

26th March 2018

Please be aware and plan ahead - Probuild have advised there will be a 2 week shut down to Queen St. This will be happening on return from the Easter break which has also been timed to avoid disruptions during the Fremantle Arts Festival.

From 6pm Wednesday April 4, water barriers will be installed along the East entry and exit to the Queen St roundabout, East along Queen St to the northern driveway, and back along Queen St to the car park.

This exclusion zone is required for public safety and will act as an operational safety zone during the demolition of the North campus' brick façade. For this reason, the zone will need to extend for 2 days into the roundabout during the demolition of the buildings corner, from 6pm Tuesday April 10 until 7pm on Thursday April 12. Southbound traffic on High St will be diverted right on to Queen St during this time with Queen St being closed East bound from Adelaide St to High St.

Probuild will also be conducting night works from 6pm Thursday April 5 to install barriers which will see the entirety of Henderson St shut down until 5am the next morning Friday April 6.

With the car park closing on April 3, this should result in a significant drop in the number of people and cars entering the immediate area. Probuild will be maintaining access to the North driveway from Queen St adjacent the Modern Ink tattoo parlor as well as the pedestrian footpath.

Please DOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT for further information and noteworthy details within this closure. Following on April 22, the north (East bound) lane will be reopened on Queen St with the barrier being fixed to the middle of the road for the remainder of the project.

We appreciate and thank you for your understanding during this exciting phase of the project.