Smooth landing for Plane trees

21st May 2018

The first phase of the City of Fremantle’s Kings Square tree relocation program kicked off in spectacular fashion last Wednesday, with a London Plane Tree seemingly floating along William Street on its way to its new home on the other side of Kings Square.

Since then, two more London Planes have been successfully relocated in the square, with a further two trees being moved today (Monday).

Phase one of the tree relocation is focused on trees within the footprint of the City of Fremantle’s new administration building and library, which will begin construction later this year. A second phase of tree relocations will take place in July.

Please note that although the trees have been moved the City still needs to repave, remove debris/soil, clean and mulch the area, so fences will remain in place while this takes place (expected completion Monday 28 May).

The City will also be using this closure as an opportunity to undertake essential works for the reticulation system before the water supply is shut down ahead of the council building demolition.

Video  - see how the tree relocation was done

Image - A London Plane Tree seemingly floating down the middle of William Street Fremantle on its short 100m journey to its new home on the other side of Kings Square.

Kings Square tree program

There are 40 mature trees in the Kings Square project area, including Moreton Bay figs, London Plane trees, Canary Island date palms and Queensland Brush Box trees. Approximately two-thirds of these will stay under the City of Fremantle’s tree strategy for Kings Square.

Of the 40 trees in the project area, 16 will be retained in their existing location, 10 will be relocated to other spots on the site and 14 will be removed.

The City of Fremantle is planting two new mature trees for every one removed, with the revamped Kings Square precinct featuring a total of 67 trees once the project is complete.

Earlier this month the City removed two dying Moreton Bay figs and a Rottnest Island Tea Tree and this week council will decide on the future of two other Moreton Bay Figs in Kings Square which have been declining in health for many years.

Two Canary Island date palms were successfully relocated in July last year.